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  1. Michael, your Mar-A-Lago Estate
    reminds me of a most politically
    incorrect song I heard playing on
    a jukebox in Siberia once …

    “Hello there sailor
    Hi there Lili Marlene
    Good morning school girls
    Welcome to the team
    Beehive hairdo forty-five on the hip
    Patrolwoman Saunders
    don’t you give her no lip
    Took me to the station
    for a breath test
    Then back to her bedroom
    for some house arrest
    Women in uniform
    sometimes they look so cold
    Women in uniform
    but oooh they feel so warm
    Flying to my hometown on a 747
    Stewardess made me feel like
    I’m in heaven
    Looking up the aisle
    trying to see what I could see
    She leaned over and said
    coffee tea or me
    White apron
    and brown leather shoes
    The nurse at the clinic
    left my heart all bruised
    Broke my left leg
    and sprained my right
    Now she takes my temperature
    every night
    Women in uniform
    sometimes they look so cold
    Women in uniform but ooh
    they feel so warm
    Commando raid
    on the Lebanese border
    Sergeant Anita she gives the order
    Khaki jacket and a sten gun
    Baby I surrender let’s have some fun
    Khaki navy blue and brass buttons
    bring me to my knees
    A peaked cap
    and a badge or two
    oooh they’re such a tease
    So girls if the man you need
    just won’t come across
    Put on a uniform
    show him who’s the boss
    Women in uniform khaki white and blue
    Women in uniform coming after you .. ”

    ~ Skyhooks

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