——555 thoughts on “The Tower of Song” (highwaybloggery.com)——

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  1. According to Numerology, a very
    auspicious number . . .

    “Importantly, 555 is the number of Jesus
    Christ. Also, in one of the miracles, Jesus
    gracefully took 5 loaves of bread to feed
    5 thousand, and later towards the end of
    his life, he received 5 wounds on the
    cross. Thus, 555 represents grace and
    redemption. It is the number of Christ
    and Unity. Unity Consciousness is
    thinking and acting in ways that create
    positive change and unite mankind to
    make the world a better place for all.
    As for change, 555 is a powerful number
    and it also represents the wholeness of
    Creation in human form with 5 fingers of
    the hand, 5 toes of the feet, and 5 senses
    (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight).
    Additionally, there are 5 extremities of the
    body (two arms, two legs, and the head)
    and when you place the human body in a
    circle with extended arms and legs at the
    points of a pentagon, you can visualize
    the shape of a pentagram. Hence, the
    meaning of 555 is the perfection of the
    human being that is you.
    Remember that you are made of the
    infinite perfection of Creation!”

    I just don’t know. Whenever I try
    to call the Numerology hot line ☎️
    I always get a wrong number 📞❓

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