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  1. After multiple mentions of Adele
    I did ask nicely that you not do it again
    . . . but what the hell!

    hello 19
    as under a spell
    rolling deep in the Harvest Queen
    Adele’s swollen swell
    very rarely seen
    hello 25
    the full throttle of Adele
    I may not survive
    the enraptured audience imagining
    … is there much more to come?
    are her best years behind?
    keep on mentioning
    the voluptuousness
    of that coiffured temptress
    in a plus size dress
    I might just lose my mind
    in case of a cardiac arrest
    please check my pulse
    all I ask … hopefully
    is that sweet Adeline
    will take it easy on me
    even a rubenesque diva
    can sometimes be unkind
    when performing a sublime
    musical bump and grind

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